Monday, April 28, 2008

BizTalk UTF-8 codepage

I guess it's only me but after working a lot with BizTalk and WMQ, it was so clear to me that UTF-8 codepage is 1208. so today when working with the SAP adapter against Hebrew records we set value of the BizTalk Code Page as 1208 . the correct value is actually 65001.

I also find this about the SAP Adapter:

With Service Pack 1 installed, you must specify the appropriate encoding on any new and existing SAP receive port while receiving the IDoc. For example, if you need to receive Japanese characters, you may want to consider setting BizTalk Code Page as 65001, which is UTF-8 encoding.

Finally, look inside the UTF8Encoding class:


So for all of you out there:

  • For IBM products (like WebSphere MQ) UTF-8 codepage is 1208.
  • For widows based products UTF-8 codepage is 65001.

thanks to Amir Cohen for that.

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