Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Expert Days Conference 2008

Expert Days Conference 2008 arranged by E4D-Solutions and Microsoft Israel. In this year, there's more then 20 .NET Framework Experts in a week of extreme Courses (All the sessions are in the Hebrew language).

I'm giving two sessions:

  • The far side of the moonHow to use BizTalk and avoid known issues

this session will help advanced BizTalk developers and project managers to avoid 'mysterious' problems and will show how to develop a clean workarounds to BizTalk known issues into a successful BizTalk solution.

  • Advanced WCF integrated with BizTalk Adapter Pack

in this session, a deep dive into the WCF LOB adapter SDK (ASDK) for advanced .NET integration developers.

So, for all of you Israelis readers - hope to see you there.

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